Saturday, April 11, 2009

no.4 zen and the art of vampires

I picked this one up while looking at the books at my local Target store. It looked pretty interesting. I took it with me on a recent vacation with my husband. The beginning was pretty slow starting. When the story finally picked up, it got good. It was great to hold my attention wanting to know who killed who and what will happen between Alec and Pia.
I will definitely pick up the next one in the series by Kate MacAlister.
oh... and p.s.... i thought it was funny that the girl on the cover, that I am assuming being Pia, but how she's described in the book by being chubby and over weight, doesn't seem to resemble her... kinda amusing.
"Pia decides to charge her love life on a singles tour of Iceland. She hits the jackpot with gorgeous Alec. The morning after, however, reveals a missing Alec and a dead body. Alec’s friend Kristoff helps her stay ahead of the police until she can solve this mystery. He seems to want nothing to do with her, yet they find themselves irresistibly drawn together. MacAlister continues her Dark Ones series (The Last of the Red Hot Vampires, 2007)." from

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