Sunday, May 3, 2009

no. 7 kiss of crimson

I just finished Kiss of Crimson by Lara Adrian.  It is book 2 in the Midnight Breed series.  I would rate it 4 out of 5 stars.  I thought the beginning of the book was a little slow getting into the story line.  When it picked up the characters came to life and it got much more interesting.  Dante and Tess are great characters with a great romance story line.  I would have liked the ending would have been a bit longer about Dante and Tess'  new life together. It seemed a bit rushed. The next book looks like it will be about his warrior brother Tegan and Elise. Will have to check out the 3rd. If you love reading about vampire/action/love story, you will enjoy Kiss of Crimson.

After a brutal attack that leaves him close to death, Dante, a Breed warrior, must bite Tess, a vetrinarian, in order to stay alive. Only afterwards, does he realize that she is a Breedmate and he has performed half of a bonding ritual that will tie them together for eternity. As Dante and Tess struggle to come to terms with the electric connection that pulls and ties them together, the Breed Warriors must battle a new threat - a drug, called Crimson, that turns vampires rouge. from

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

no. 6 too perfect

Ortolon's enjoyable final novel in her Perfect trilogy (Almost Perfect; Just Perfect) spins a good, old-fashioned contemporary fairy tale, but conscious suspension of disbelief is required. It's time for nurturing, curvy, Texas-bred Amy Baker to face her ultimate fear—traveling alone. She plans a working vacation cruise as a nanny, but gets fired and stranded on the Caribbean island of St. Barts before the trip begins. Determined to finish her challenge, Amy takes a job as a housekeeper for Guy Gaspar, a disfigured man who lives in his extravagant fort's tower and never shows his face. Or so she's told by his jolly French assistant. In reality, the lone tenant is sexy Hollywood golden boy Byron Parks, who seeks anonymity from the paparazzi. In an Oscar-worthy performance, Byron plays both assistant and "beast," and Amy falls in love with "Guy" over the fort's intercom. from

I couldn't put this one down! Great romance story. When I bought this book at the store I didn't realize that it was last in the series, I just might have to go back and read the first two. I am recommending this to my friend to read, and recommend you also!! Great author!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

no. 5 nice girls don't have fangs

Jane Jameson’s mama said there’d be days like this. Fired as the children’s librarian in Half Moon Hollow, Kentucky; broken-down car late at night. But mama didn’t think about the possibility of Jane getting shot by a deer hunter and left for dead. Or being made the undead by Gabriel Nightengale so she’d have a second chance at, well, life. Adjusting to life without chocolate and sunbathing—never mind a job—has its challenges, but sexy Gabriel is one major perk. If only she can figure out how to tell her parents about her new liquid diet. And who is trying to frame her for murder? Harper arrives on the scene with a chuckle-inducing, southern-fried version of Stephanie Plum’s the Burg. This tale, the first in a series, is less about twisting plots and more about following quirky characters, human and vampire alike. Jane is smartly written and more than a librarian in name only. Fellow pros will recognize the trivia-loving geekiness and well-meaning sarcasm of someone who has long lived in the book stacks. from

I Just finished this hilarious book today, and loved every minute of it! Molly Harper is a great writer and I'm excited to read her next book with the same character coming out this September. Very funny read filled with romance, friendship and a little mystery. Fun fulled and definitely worth your time to read this one!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

no.4 zen and the art of vampires

I picked this one up while looking at the books at my local Target store. It looked pretty interesting. I took it with me on a recent vacation with my husband. The beginning was pretty slow starting. When the story finally picked up, it got good. It was great to hold my attention wanting to know who killed who and what will happen between Alec and Pia.
I will definitely pick up the next one in the series by Kate MacAlister.
oh... and p.s.... i thought it was funny that the girl on the cover, that I am assuming being Pia, but how she's described in the book by being chubby and over weight, doesn't seem to resemble her... kinda amusing.
"Pia decides to charge her love life on a singles tour of Iceland. She hits the jackpot with gorgeous Alec. The morning after, however, reveals a missing Alec and a dead body. Alec’s friend Kristoff helps her stay ahead of the police until she can solve this mystery. He seems to want nothing to do with her, yet they find themselves irresistibly drawn together. MacAlister continues her Dark Ones series (The Last of the Red Hot Vampires, 2007)." from

no. 3 the vampire diaries

After reading the "Twilight" series, I wanted another series of books to capture my attention. After spending time in the Amazon forums, I found "The Vampire Diaries" by L J Smith.
It took me to page 170 to get into it. From then on it was great. Another one I couldn't put down. This is actually books 1 and 2, 492 pages long. And for only $8.99 you can't beat it!
L J Smith just came out with books 3 and 4: "The Fury" and "The Dark Reunion". I just purchase it last night and will be reading it soon.
Definitely not up to par with Twilight in my opinion, but a good read.
"Elena: the golden girl, the leader, the one who can have any boy she wants.
Stefan: brooding and mysterious, he seems to be the only one who can resist Elena, even as he struggles to protect her from the horrors that haunt his past.
Damon: sexy, dangerous, and driven by an urge for revenge against Stefan, the brother who betrayed him. Determined to have Elena, he'd kill to possess her.
Collected here in one volume for the first time, volumes one and two of The Vampire Diaries, the tale of two vampire brothers and the beautiful girl torn between them." from

no.2 love the one your with

"A chance encounter with an old flame in Giffin's bittersweet, sometimes mawkish fourth novel causes Ellen Dempsey to consider anew what could have been. Shortly after marrying Andy, Ellen runs into Leo, her intense first love. Leo, a moody writer, has secretly preoccupied Ellen ever since he broke her heart, so after seeing him again, Ellen wonders if her perfect life is truly what she wants or simply what she was expected to want. This scenario is complicated by Ellen's past: the early death of her mother and subsequent disintegration of her family have left Ellen insecure and saddled with unresolved feelings of guilt. These feelings intensify when Andy's career takes the newlyweds from Ellen's beloved New York City to suburban Atlanta. As Ellen's feelings of inadequacy and resentment grow, her marriage begins to crumble. " from
Emily Giffin's 4th book "Love the One Your With" is a good read. Although I couldn't put it down, wanting to find out what happens to Ellen and Andy's marriage; the end seems to just end... I felt like I got through the whole book and was expecting more at the end.
I have enjoyed her other books: "Something Blue" and "Something Borrowed".
I recommend it for a light read.

no.1 twilight

Of course the first book I am going to review is Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I too have joined in the phenomenon. I bought the first book in the series in 2006. I have always enjoyed reading and watching vampire based stories, so I knew this was going to be a enjoyable read. I finally read it in August 2008. I am sorry that I waited so long to read it!
The first in the series book kept your attention the whole way through it with action, suspence, friendship, and romance.
"Bella Swan's move to Forks, a small, perpetually rainy town in Washington, could have been the most boring move she ever made. But once she meets the mysterious and alluring Edward Cullen, Bella's life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn. Up until now, Edward has managed to keep his vampire identity a secret in the small community he lives in, but now nobody is safe, especially Bella, the person Edward holds most dear. " from
I have to say that this is my favorite book I have ever read.


Welcome to bookworm chic. I wanted to start another blog about the books I have been reading. And to suggest books to others that like the same genre as me. Please leave your own comments about any of these books if you read them or going out to get one.
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