Sunday, April 19, 2009

no. 5 nice girls don't have fangs

Jane Jameson’s mama said there’d be days like this. Fired as the children’s librarian in Half Moon Hollow, Kentucky; broken-down car late at night. But mama didn’t think about the possibility of Jane getting shot by a deer hunter and left for dead. Or being made the undead by Gabriel Nightengale so she’d have a second chance at, well, life. Adjusting to life without chocolate and sunbathing—never mind a job—has its challenges, but sexy Gabriel is one major perk. If only she can figure out how to tell her parents about her new liquid diet. And who is trying to frame her for murder? Harper arrives on the scene with a chuckle-inducing, southern-fried version of Stephanie Plum’s the Burg. This tale, the first in a series, is less about twisting plots and more about following quirky characters, human and vampire alike. Jane is smartly written and more than a librarian in name only. Fellow pros will recognize the trivia-loving geekiness and well-meaning sarcasm of someone who has long lived in the book stacks. from

I Just finished this hilarious book today, and loved every minute of it! Molly Harper is a great writer and I'm excited to read her next book with the same character coming out this September. Very funny read filled with romance, friendship and a little mystery. Fun fulled and definitely worth your time to read this one!

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